Right Carpal tunnel release

PROCEDURE PERFORMED:  Right carpal tunnel release.


ANESTHESIA:  MAC with local.



Patient was taken to the operating room, placed supine with the right arm on the hand table. The right arm was prepped and draped. Local anesthesia was infiltrated to the carpal canal, into the palm of the hand and tourniquet inflated. An incision was made in line with the flexed ring finger and the palm of the hand. Dissection was carried through the skin and subcutaneous tissue, and the palmar fascia was identified. The palmar fascia was incised until the transverse carpal ligament was visualized. The transverse carpal ligament was opened until the median nerve could be visualized. The release of the transverse carpal ligament was completed distally under direct vision using a #15 blade and again proximally under direct vision. Indiana Tome dissectors were passed above and below the antebrachial fascia and the antebrachial fascia was opened with a Stryker knife blade. The tourniquet was deflated. The wound was irrigated. The skin was closed with interrupted nylon sutures. Sterile dressing was placed. Patient tolerated procedure well.


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