Secrets of Antartica

If you want to spend a long time in this place, you may need to consider taking health precautions such as having your wisdom teeth removed or getting an appendectomy in advance, there are absolutely no reptiles or amphibians here and all land mammals are brought exclusively by humans.  There has been no rain here for almost 2 million years but at the same time 80% of the world's freshwater reserves are stored here, Antarctica, the coldest and probably the most mysterious continent on the planet. 
Over the past century humanity has studied its surface quite well but we all know that most interesting is usually hidden beneath.  When scientists decided to look under the ice cover of Antarctica, what they saw there surprised not only ordinary people like me but also the researchers themselves, so what is hidden deep beneath these huge sheets of ice.
For a long time scientists have believed that under the immense thickness of ice, there's nothing particularly interesting at most may…

Secrets of Sahara Desert

The word Sahara usually brings to mind a picture of endless sandy landscapes, a caravan of camels is walking along the dunes, the sun is beaming brightly as if for the last time and around you not a soul. It seems as if the golden majestic dunes have always been here but this isn't so, what secrets does the great desert hide from humanity and what is under its hot sands. This is hard to believe but as recently as 6000 years ago the arid desert with an area of more than 9 million square kilometers almost 3-1/2 million square miles was covered with a thick green carpet, entire settlements existed and domestic animals grazed, where today there's practically nothing but hot sand there were green Meadows and lakes, rainfall was so abundant that it fed the river Tamanrasset carrying its waters across the green Sahara to the Atlantic Ocean, the river with numerous tributaries, had a link approximately 500 kilometers or 311 miles and would have made the list of the longest rivers in t…

India-China disengagement news

China has moved back at least 2 Km.  As per 
Indian army sources, troop disengagement has
been completed at patrolling point 15, the Chinese
 troops have  moved back by approximately 2 Km.
  Troops pulling back disengagement, patrol point 
14 completely evacuated, also structures 
dismantled in the finger area.  Goghra and hot
 spring thinning of troops happening.  Buffer
 zone is getting created hopefully leading to 
more confidence in talks.  The process of talks 
is going to continue on multiple levels including 
the military commanders and even with 
commanding officers on both sides.  
In the last two months what happened is absolute 
breach of all agreements by the Chinese side, and 
the trust factor is going to take a bit of time to 
come, this disengagement process is going to be a 
long term affair at weeks if not months.  Beginning 
has been made, that is something which is 
important, and needs to be underscored and the 
talks that have taken place between special 
representatives on the bounda…









Reasons, risks, possible complications, and alternative procedures were explained to the patient, and the permit was signed.  After sedation per Anesthesiology, the Olympus colonoscope was inserted in the rectum and advanced without difficulty to the cecum, which was identified by the ileocecal valve and appendiceal orifice.  The colon was well cleansed.  The scope was withdrawn, examining the entire lumen in circumferential fashion.  The mucosal and vascular patterns were normal throughout and no intraluminal mass, lesions, or polyps were identified.  Retrograde examination of the rectum and anoscopy were normal.  She tolerated the procedure well and was transferred to Recovery.