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Back Muscles


Abdomen and Muscles of abdomen


List of Ligaments

accessory plantar ligaments

accessory volar ligaments

acromioclavicular ligament

alar ligaments

anococcygeal ligament

anterior atlantooccipital ligament

anterior costotransverse ligament

anterior cruciate ligament

anterior ligament of fibular head

anterior ligament of Helmholtz

anterior longitudinal ligament

anterior ligament of malleus

anterior meniscofemoral ligament

anterior sacrococcygeal ligament

anterior sacroiliac ligaments

anterior sacrosciatic ligament

anterior sternoclavicular ligament

anterior talofibular ligament

anterior talotibial ligament

anterior tibiofibular ligament

anterior tibiotalar ligament

anular ligament

anular ligament of digits

anular ligament of radius

anular ligament of stapes

anular ligaments of trachea

apical ligament of dens

Arantius ligament

arcuate popliteal ligament

arcuate pubic ligament

arterial ligament

ligaments of auditory ossicles

ligaments of auricle

auricular ligaments

axis ligament of malleus

Bardinet ligament

Barkow ligaments

Bellini ligame…

List of Muscles

muscles of abdomen
abdominal external oblique (muscle)
abdominal internal oblique muscle
abductor (muscle)
abductor digiti minimi (muscle) of foot
abductor digiti minimi (muscle) of hand
abductor muscle of great toe
abductor hallucis (muscle)
abductor muscle of little finger
abductor muscle of little toe
abductor pollicis brevis (muscle)
abductor pollicis longus (muscle)
accessory flexor muscle of foot
adductor muscle
adductor brevis (muscle)
adductor muscle of great toe
adductor hallucis (muscle)
adductor longus (muscle)
adductor magnus (muscle)
adductor minimus (muscle)
adductor pollicis (muscle)
adductor muscle of thumb
Albinus muscle
muscles of anal triangle
anconeus muscle
anoperinealis muscle
anorectoperineal muscles
antagonistic muscles
anterior auricular muscle
anterior cervical intertransversarii (muscles)
anterior cervical intertransverse muscles
anterior rectus muscle of head
anterior scalene muscle
anterior serratus muscle
anterior tibial muscle
antigravity muscles

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