List of Muscles

muscles of abdomen
abdominal external oblique (muscle)
abdominal internal oblique muscle
abductor (muscle)
abductor digiti minimi (muscle) of foot
abductor digiti minimi (muscle) of hand
abductor muscle of great toe
abductor hallucis (muscle)
abductor muscle of little finger
abductor muscle of little toe
abductor pollicis brevis (muscle)
abductor pollicis longus (muscle)
accessory flexor muscle of foot
adductor muscle
adductor brevis (muscle)
adductor muscle of great toe
adductor hallucis (muscle)
adductor longus (muscle)
adductor magnus (muscle)
adductor minimus (muscle)
adductor pollicis (muscle)
adductor muscle of thumb
Albinus muscle
muscles of anal triangle
anconeus muscle
anoperinealis muscle
anorectoperineal muscles
antagonistic muscles
anterior auricular muscle
anterior cervical intertransversarii (muscles)
anterior cervical intertransverse muscles
anterior rectus muscle of head
anterior scalene muscle
anterior serratus muscle
anterior tibial muscle
antigravity muscles
antitragicus (muscle)
muscle of antitragus
appendicular muscle
arrector muscle of hair
arrector pili muscles
articular muscle
articular muscle of elbow
articularis cubiti (muscle)
articularis genus (muscle)
articular muscle of knee
aryepiglottic muscle
muscles of auditory ossicles
auricular muscles
auricularis anterior (muscle)
auricularis posterior (muscle)
auricularis superior (muscle)
axial muscle
axillary arch muscle
axioappendicular muscles
muscles of back
muscles of back proper
Bell muscle
biceps muscle of arm
biceps brachii (muscle)
biceps femoris (muscle)

biceps muscle of thigh

bipennate muscle

Bochdalek muscle

Bowman muscle

brachial muscle

brachialis (muscle)

brachioradial muscle

brachioradialis (muscle)

branchiomeric muscles

Braune muscle

broadest muscle of back

bronchoesophageal muscle

bronchoesophageus (muscle)

Brücke muscle

buccinator (muscle)

bulbocavernosus muscle

bulbospongiosus (muscle)

cardiac muscle

Casser perforated muscle

ceratocricoid (muscle)

ceratoglossus (muscle)

cervical iliocostal muscle

cervical interspinal muscle

cervical interspinales muscles

cervical longissimus muscle

cervical rotator muscles

cheek muscle

chin muscle

chondroglossus muscle

ciliary muscle

coccygeal muscle

coccygeus muscle

muscles of coccyx

Coiter muscle

compressor urethra (muscle)

coracobrachial muscle

coracobrachialis muscle

corrugator muscle

corrugator cutis muscle of anus

corrugator supercilii (muscle)

cowl muscle

Crampton muscle

cremaster muscle

cricopharyngeus muscle

cricothyroid muscle

cruciate muscle

cutaneous muscle

dartos muscle

deep muscles of back

deep flexor (muscle) of fingers

deep transverse perineal muscle

deep transverse muscle of perineum

deltoid (muscle)

depressor anguli oris (muscle)

depressor muscle of epiglottis

depressor muscle of eyebrow

depressor labii inferioris (muscle)

depressor muscle of lower lip

depressor septi nasi (muscle)

depressor (muscle) of septum

depressor supercilii (muscle)

detrusor (muscle)

digastric (muscle)

dilator muscle

dilator (muscle) of ileocecal sphincter

dilator pupillae muscle

dilator (muscle) of pylorus

dorsal muscles

dorsal interossei (interosseous muscles) of foot

dorsal interossei (interosseous muscles) of hand

dorsal sacrococcygeal muscle

dorsal sacrococcygeus muscle

Dupré muscle

Duverney muscle

elevator muscle of anus

elevator (muscle) of prostate

elevator muscle of rib

elevator (muscle) of scapula

(elevator) muscle of soft palate

elevator (muscle) of thyroid gland

elevator (muscle) of upper eyelid

elevator muscle of upper lip

elevator muscle of upper lip and wing of nose

epicranial muscle

epicranius (muscle)

erector muscle of hair

erector spinae (muscles)

erector muscle of spine

extensor muscle

extensor carpi radialis brevis (muscle)

extensor carpi radialis longus (muscle)

extensor carpi ulnaris (muscle)

extensor digiti minimi (muscle)

extensor digitorum muscle

extensor digitorum brevis (muscle)

extensor digitorum brevis (muscle) of hand

extensor digitorum longus (muscle)

extensor (muscle) of fingers

extensor hallucis brevis (muscle)

extensor hallucis longus (muscle)

extensor indicis (muscle)

extensor (muscle) of little finger

extensor pollicis brevis (muscle)

extensor pollicis longus (muscle)

external intercostal (muscle)

external oblique (muscle)

external obturator muscle

external pterygoid muscle

external sphincter muscle of anus

extraocular muscles

extrinsic muscles

extrinsic muscles of eyeball

muscles of eyeball

facial muscles

muscles of facial expression

femoral muscle

fibularis brevis (muscle)

fibularis longus (muscle)

fibularis tertius (muscle)

fixator muscle

flat muscle

flexor muscle

flexor accessorius (muscle)

flexor carpi radialis (muscle)

flexor carpi ulnaris (muscle)

flexor digiti minimi brevis (muscle) of foot

flexor digiti minimi brevis (muscle) of hand

flexor digitorum brevis (muscle)

flexor digitorum longus (muscle)

flexor digitorum profundus (muscle)

flexor digitorum superficialis (muscle)

flexor hallucis brevis (muscle)

flexor hallucis longus (muscle)

flexor pollicis brevis (muscle)

flexor pollicis longus (muscle)

four-headed muscle

frontalis muscle

fusiform muscle

Gantzer muscle

gastrocnemius (muscle)

Gavard muscle

genioglossal muscle

genioglossus (muscle)

geniohyoid (muscle)

gluteus maximus (muscle)

gluteus medius (muscle)

gluteus minimus (muscle)

gracilis (muscle)

great adductor muscle

greater pectoral muscle

greater posterior rectus muscle of head

greater psoas muscle

greater rhomboid muscle

greater zygomatic muscle

Guthrie muscle

hamstring muscles

muscles of head

muscle of heart

helicis major (muscle)

helicis minor (muscle)

Horner muscle

Houston muscle

hyoglossal muscle

hyoglossus (muscle)

iliac muscle

iliacus (muscle)

iliacus minor (muscle)

iliococcygeal muscle

iliococcygeus (muscle)

iliocostal muscle

iliocostalis (muscle)

iliocostalis cervicis (muscle)

iliocostalis lumborum (muscle)

iliocostalis thoracis (muscle)

iliopsoas (muscle)

index extensor (muscle)

inferior axioappendicular muscles

inferior constrictor (muscle) of pharynx

inferior gemellus (muscle)

inferior lingual muscle

inferior longitudinal muscle of tongue

inferior oblique (muscle)

inferior oblique muscle of head

inferior posterior serratus muscle

inferior rectus (muscle)

inferior tarsal muscle

infrahyoid muscles

infraspinatus (muscle)

innermost intercostal (muscle)

intermediate great muscle

intermediate vastus (muscle)

internal intercostal (muscle)

internal oblique (muscle)

internal obturator muscle

internal pterygoid muscle

internal sphincter muscle of anus

interosseous muscles

interspinal muscles

interspinales (muscles)

interspinales cervicis (muscles)

interspinales lumborum (muscles)

interspinales thoracis (muscles)

intertransversarii (muscles)

intertransverse muscles

intrinsic muscles

intrinsic muscles of back

intrinsic muscles of foot

intrinsic muscles of hand

involuntary muscles

ischiocavernous (muscle)

Jung muscle

Kohlrausch muscle

Landström muscle

Langer muscle

large muscle of helix

muscles of larynx

lateral cricoarytenoid (muscle)

lateral great muscle

lateral lumbar intertransversarii (muscles)

lateral lumbar intertransverse muscles

lateral posterior cervical intertransversarii muscles

lateral pterygoid (muscle)

lateral rectus (muscle)

lateral rectus muscle of the head

lateral vastus (muscle)

latissimus dorsi (muscle)

lesser rhomboid muscle

lesser zygomatic muscle

levator anguli oris (muscle)

levator ani (muscle)

levatores costarum longi (muscles)

levatores costarum (muscles)

levatores costarum breves (muscles)

levator labii superioris (muscle)

levator labii superioris alaeque nasi (muscle)

levator palati (muscle)

levator palpebrae superioris (muscle)

levator prostatae (muscle)

levator scapulae (muscle)

levator (muscle) of thyroid gland

levator veli palatini (muscle)

lingual muscles

long abductor muscle of thumb

long adductor muscle

long extensor (muscle) of great toe

long extensor (muscle) of thumb

long extensor (muscle) of toes

long fibular muscle

long flexor (muscle) of great toe

long flexor muscle of thumb

long flexor (muscle) of toes

long muscle of head

longissimus (muscle)

longissimus capitis (muscle)

longissimus cervicis (muscle)

longissimus thoracis (muscle)

long levatores costarum (muscles)

long muscle of neck

long palmar muscle

long peroneal muscle

long radial extensor muscle of wrist

longus capitis (muscle)

longus colli (muscle)

muscles of lower limb

lumbar iliocostal muscle

lumbar interspinal muscle

lumbar quadrate muscle

lumbar rotator muscles

lumbricals (lumbrical muscles) of foot

lumbricals (lumbrical muscles) of hand

Marcacci muscle

masseter (muscle)

muscles of mastication

masticatory muscles

medial great muscle

medial lumbar intertransversarii (muscles)

medial lumbar intertransverse muscles

medial posterior cervical intertransversarii (muscles

medial pterygoid (muscle)

medial rectus (muscle)

medial vastus (muscle)

mentalis (muscle)

Merkel muscle

middle constrictor (muscle) of pharynx

middle scalene muscle

mimetic muscles

Müller muscle

multifidus (muscle)

multipennate muscle

mylohyoid (muscle)

nasal muscle

nasalis (muscle)

muscles of neck

muscle of notch of helix

oblique arytenoid muscle

oblique muscle of auricle

oblique auricular muscle

obliquus capitis inferior (muscle)

obliquus capitis superior (muscle)

obturator externus (muscle)

obturator internus (muscle)

occipitalis muscle

occipitofrontal muscle

occipitofrontalis (muscle)

ocular muscles

Oehl muscles

omohyoid (muscle)

opponens muscle

opponens digiti minimi (muscle)

opponens digiti minimi pedis (muscle)

opponens pollicis (muscle)

opposer (muscle) of little finger

opposer (muscle) of thumb

orbicular muscle

orbicular muscle of eye

orbicularis muscle

orbicularis oculi (muscle)

orbicularis oris (muscle)

orbicular muscle of mouth

orbital muscle

orbitalis (muscle)

palatoglossus (muscle)

palatopharyngeal (muscle)

palatopharyngeus (muscle)

palatouvularis muscle

palmar interossei (interosseous muscles)

palmaris brevis (muscle)

palmaris longus (muscle)

panniculus carnosus muscle

papillary muscle

pectinate muscles

pectineal muscle

pectineus (muscle)

pectoralis major (muscle)

pectoralis minor (muscle)

pectorodorsal muscle

pectorodorsalis muscle

pennate muscle

perineal muscles

peroneus brevis (muscle)

peroneus longus (muscle)

peroneus tertius (muscle)

pharyngeal muscles

muscles of pharynx

piriform muscle

piriformis (muscle)

plantar muscle

plantar interossei (interosseous muscles)

plantaris (muscle)

plantar quadrate muscle

platysma (muscle)

pleuroesophageal (muscle)

pleuroesophageus (muscle)

popliteal muscle

popliteus (muscle)

postaxial muscles

posterior auricular (muscle)

posterior cervical intertransversarii (muscles)

posterior cervical intertransverse muscles

posterior cricoarytenoid (muscle)

posterior scalene muscle

posterior tibial muscle

postural muscles

Pozzi muscle

preaxial muscles

prevertebral muscles

procerus (muscle)

pronator (muscle)

pronator quadratus (muscle)

pronator teres (muscle)

psoas major (muscle)

psoas minor (muscle)

puboanalis (muscle)

pubococcygeal muscle

pubococcygeus (muscle)

puboperinealis (muscle)

puboprostatic (muscle)

puboprostaticus (muscle)

puborectal muscle

puborectalis (muscle)

pubovaginal muscle

pubovaginalis (muscle)

pubovesical muscle

pubovesicalis (muscle)

pyramidal muscle

pyramidal muscle of auricle

pyramidal auricular muscle

pyramidalis (muscle)

quadrate muscle

quadrate muscle of loins

quadrate pronator muscle

quadrate muscle of sole

quadrate muscle of thigh

quadrate muscle of upper lip

quadratus muscle

quadratus femoris (muscle)

quadratus lumborum (muscle)

quadratus plantae (muscle)

quadriceps femoris (muscle)

quadriceps muscle of thigh

radial flexor (muscle) of wrist

recto-urethralis inferior (muscle)

rectococcygeal muscle

rectococcygeus (muscle)

rectoperinealis (muscle)

rectourethral muscles

recto-urethralis inferior (muscle)

recto-urethralis superior (muscle)

rectouterine muscle

rectouterinus (muscle)

rectovesical muscle

rectovesicalis (muscle)

rectus muscle of abdomen

rectus abdominis (muscle)

rectus capitis anterior (muscle)

rectus capitis lateralis (muscle)

rectus capitis posterior major (muscle)

rectus capitis posterior minor (muscle)

rectus femoris (muscle)

rectus muscle of thigh

red muscle

Reisseisen muscles

rhomboid major (muscle)

rhomboid minor (muscle)

rider's muscles

Riolan muscle

risorius (muscle)

rotator muscle

rotatores (muscles)

rotatores cervicis (muscles)

rotatores lumborum (muscles)

rotatores thoracis (muscles)

Rouget muscle

round pronator muscle

Ruysch muscle

salpingopharyngeal muscle

salpingopharyngeus (muscle)

Santorini muscle

sartorius (muscle)

scalenus anterior (muscle)

scalenus medius (muscle)

scalenus minimus (muscle)

scalenus posterior (muscle)

scalp muscle

scapulohumeral muscles

Sebileau muscle

second tibial muscle

semimembranosus (muscle)

semipennate muscle

semispinal muscle

semispinal muscle of head

semispinalis muscle

semispinalis capitis (muscle)

semispinalis cervicis (muscle)

semispinalis thoracis (muscle)

semispinal muscle of neck

semispinal muscle of thorax

semitendinosus (muscle)

serratus anterior (muscle)

serratus posterior inferior (muscle)

serratus posterior superior (muscle)

shawl muscle

short abductor muscle of thumb

short adductor muscle

short extensor (muscle) of great toe

short extensor (muscle) of thumb

short extensor (muscle) of toes

short fibular muscle

short flexor (muscle) of great toe

short flexor (muscle) of little finger

short flexor (muscle) of little toe

short flexor (muscle) of thumb

short flexor (muscle) of toes

short levatores costarum (muscles)

short palmar muscle

short peroneal muscle

short radial extensor muscle of wrist

shunt muscle

Sibson muscle

skeletal muscle

smaller muscle of helix

smaller pectoral muscle

smaller posterior rectus muscle of head

smaller psoas (muscle)

smallest scalene muscle

smooth muscle

Soemmerring muscle

muscles of soft palate and fauces

soleus (muscle)

sphincter muscle

sphincter muscle of common bile duct

sphincter muscle of pancreatic duct

sphincter muscle of pupil

sphincter muscle of pylorus

sphincter muscle of urethra

sphincter muscle of urinary bladder

spinal muscle

spinal muscle of head

spinalis (muscle)

spinalis capitis (muscle)

spinalis cervicis (muscle)

spinalis thoracis (muscle)

spinal muscle of neck

spinal muscle of thorax

spindle-shaped muscle

splenius (muscles)

splenius capitis (muscle)

splenius cervicis (muscle)

splenius muscle of head

splenius muscle of neck

stapedius (muscle)

sternal muscle

sternalis (muscle)

sternochondroscapular muscle

sternoclavicular muscle

sternocleidomastoid (muscle)

sternocostalis muscle

sternohyoid (muscle)

sternomastoid muscle

sternothyroid (muscle)

straight muscle

strap muscles

striated muscle

styloauricular (muscle)

styloglossus (muscle)

stylohyoid (muscle)

stylopharyngeal muscle

stylopharyngeus (muscle)

subanconeus muscle

subclavian muscle

subclavius (muscle)

subcostal muscle

subcrural muscle

suboccipital muscles

subquadricipital muscle

subscapular muscle

subscapularis (muscle)

superficial back muscles

superficial flexor (muscle) of fingers

superficial lingual muscle

superficial transverse perineal muscle

superficial transverse muscle of perineum

superior auricular muscle

superior axioappendicular muscles

superior gemellus (muscle)

superior longitudinal muscle of tongue

superior oblique (muscle)

superior oblique muscle of head

superior pharyngeal constrictor (muscle)

superior posterior serratus muscle

superior rectus (muscle)

superior tarsal muscle

supinator (muscle)

supraclavicular muscle

suprahyoid muscles

supraspinalis (muscle)

supraspinatus (muscle)

supraspinous muscle

suspensory muscle of duodenum

synergistic muscles

tailor's muscle

temporal muscle

temporalis (muscle)

temporoparietal muscle

temporoparietalis (muscle)

tensor fasciae latae (muscle)

tensor (muscle) of fascia lata

tensor (muscle) of soft palate

tensor tarsi muscle

tensor tympani (muscle)

tensor (muscle) of tympanic membrane

tensor veli palati (muscle)

teres major (muscle)

teres minor (muscle)

muscle of terminal notch

Theile muscle

third peroneal muscle

thoracic interspinal muscle

thoracic interspinales muscles

thoracic intertransversarii (muscles)

thoracic intertransverse muscles

thoracic longissimus muscle

thoracic rotator muscles

thoracoappendicular muscles

muscles of thorax

three-headed muscle

thyroarytenoid (muscle)

thyroepiglottic muscle

thyrohyoid (muscle)

tibialis anterior (muscle)

tibialis posterior (muscle)

Tod muscle

muscles of tongue

Toynbee muscle

trachealis (muscle)

tracheloclavicular muscle

tragicus (muscle)

muscle of tragus

transverse muscle of abdomen

transverse arytenoid (muscle)

transverse muscle of auricle

transverse auricular muscle

transverse muscle of chin

transverse muscle of nape

transverse muscle of thorax

transverse muscle of tongue

transversospinal muscle

transversospinales (muscles)

transversus abdominis (muscle)

transversus menti (muscle)

transversus nuchae (muscle)

transversus thoracis (muscle)

trapezius (muscle)

Treitz muscle

triangular muscle

triceps (muscle)

triceps muscle of arm

triceps brachii (muscle)

triceps (muscle) of calf

triceps coxae (muscle)

triceps (muscle) of hip

triceps surae (muscle)

trigonal muscles (superficial and deep)

true muscles of back

two-bellied muscle

two-headed muscle

ulnar extensor (muscle) of wrist

ulnar flexor (muscle) of wrist

unipennate muscle

unstriated muscle

muscles of the upper limb

muscles of urogenital triangle

muscle of uvula

uvular muscle

Valsalva muscle

vastus intermedius (muscle)

vastus lateralis (muscle)

vastus medialis (muscle)

ventral sacrococcygeal muscle

ventral sacrococcygeus (muscle)

vertical muscle of tongue

vesicoprostaticus (muscle)

vesicovaginalis (muscle)

vestigial muscle

visceral muscle

vocal muscle

vocalis (muscle)

voluntary muscle

white muscle

Wilson muscle

wrinkler muscle of eyebrow

yoke muscles

zygomaticus major (muscle)

zygomaticus minor (muscle)

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