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Cardiology Terminology

Basic terminology/abbreviations** indicates terms/phrases frequently missed on dr. lakkireddy reportsHeart sounds are written as S1, S2, S3, S4DO NOT TYPE S1-S2 (THIS REFERS TO THE SACRUM)edge dissectionIVUS intravascular ultrasoundcineangiographyAVNRTatrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardiawall motion abnormalitiesepiaortic ultrasoundAS/AI aortic stenosis/aortic insufficiencyTNItroponin IRSVG reversed saphenous vein graftNMR LipoProfileclinical evaluation to aid in management of lipoprotein disorders associated with CV diseases.DFT defibrillation threshold testingscintigraphyscintigraphic findingsbpmbeats per minute (not beats/minute and not beats/min.)EPelectrophysiologyEPSelectrophysiology studyERPeffective refractory periodPOBA plain old balloon angioplastyHis bundleHis-PurkinjeEpic system healthcare software (KUMC/MAC)Logicianhealthcare software (MAC)presyncopenot pre syncope or pre-syncopemelenicnot melanotic (when referring to stools)CPVTcatecholaminergic polymorphic ventri…