List of Ligaments

accessory plantar ligaments

accessory volar ligaments

acromioclavicular ligament

alar ligaments

anococcygeal ligament

anterior atlantooccipital ligament

anterior costotransverse ligament

anterior cruciate ligament

anterior ligament of fibular head

anterior ligament of Helmholtz

anterior longitudinal ligament

anterior ligament of malleus

anterior meniscofemoral ligament

anterior sacrococcygeal ligament

anterior sacroiliac ligaments

anterior sacrosciatic ligament

anterior sternoclavicular ligament

anterior talofibular ligament

anterior talotibial ligament

anterior tibiofibular ligament

anterior tibiotalar ligament

anular ligament

anular ligament of digits

anular ligament of radius

anular ligament of stapes

anular ligaments of trachea

apical ligament of dens

Arantius ligament

arcuate popliteal ligament

arcuate pubic ligament

arterial ligament

ligaments of auditory ossicles

ligaments of auricle

auricular ligaments

axis ligament of malleus

Bardinet ligament

Barkow ligaments

Bellini ligament

Berry ligaments

Bertin ligament

Bichat ligament

bifurcate ligament

bifurcated ligament

Bigelow ligament

Botallo ligament

Bourgery ligament

broad ligament of the uterus

Brodie ligament

Burns ligament

calcaneocuboid ligament

calcaneofibular ligament

calcaneonavicular ligament

calcaneotibial ligament

Caldani ligament

Campbell ligament

Camper ligament

capsular ligament

cardinal ligament

caroticoclinoid ligament

carpometacarpal ligaments (dorsal and palmar)

caudal ligament

ceratocricoid ligament

cervical ligament of uterus

check ligaments of eyeball, medial and lateral

check ligaments of medial and lateral rectus muscles

check ligaments of odontoid

chondroxiphoid ligaments

ciliary ligament

Civinini ligament

Clado ligament

coccygeal ligament

collateral ligaments

Colles ligament

conoid ligament

Cooper ligaments

coracoacromial ligament

coracoclavicular ligament

coracohumeral ligament

corniculopharyngeal ligament

coronary ligament of knee

coronary ligament of liver

costoclavicular ligament

costocolic ligament

costotransverse ligament

costoxiphoid ligaments

cotyloid ligament

Cowper ligament

cricoarytenoid ligament

cricopharyngeal ligament

cricosantorinian ligament

cricotracheal ligament

crucial ligament

cruciate ligament of the atlas

cruciate ligament of digits

cruciate ligaments of knee

cruciate ligament of leg

cruciform ligament of atlas

Cruveilhier ligaments

cuboideonavicular ligaments

cuneocuboid ligaments

cuneocuboid interosseous ligament

cuneometatarsal interosseous ligaments

cuneonavicular ligaments

cystoduodenal ligament

deep dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament

deep posterior sacrococcygeal ligament

deep transverse metacarpal ligament

deep transverse metatarsal ligament

deltoid ligament

Denonvilliers ligament

dentate ligament of spinal cord

denticulate ligament

Denucé ligament

diaphragmatic ligament of the mesonephros

dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament

dorsal calcaneonavicular ligament

dorsal carpal ligament

dorsal carpometacarpal ligaments

dorsal cuboideonavicular ligament

dorsal cuneocuboid ligament

dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments

dorsal intercuneiform ligaments

dorsal metacarpal ligaments

dorsal metatarsal ligaments

dorsal radiocarpal ligament

dorsal sacroiliac ligaments

dorsal tarsal ligaments

dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments

dorsal ulnocarpal ligament

duodenorenal ligament

ligaments of epididymis (inferior and superior)

epihyal ligament

external collateral ligament of wrist

extracapsular ligaments

extraperitoneal ligament (of abdomen or pelvis)

falciform ligament

falciform ligament of liver

fallopian ligament

Ferrein ligament

fibular collateral ligament

fibular collateral ligament of ankle

Flood ligament

fundiform ligament of clitoris

fundiform ligament of foot

fundiform ligament of penis

gastrocolic ligament

gastrodiaphragmatic ligament

gastrolienal ligament

gastrophrenic ligament

gastrosplenic ligament

genital ligament

genitoinguinal ligament

Gerdy ligament

Gillette suspensory ligament

Gimbernat ligament

gingivodental ligament

glenohumeral ligaments

glenoid ligament

glossoepiglottic ligament

Günz ligament

hammock ligament

ligament of head of femur

Helmholtz axis ligament

Hensing ligament

hepatocolic ligament

hepatoduodenal ligament

hepatoesophageal ligament

hepatogastric ligament

hepatophrenic ligament

hepatorenal ligament

Hesselbach ligament

Hey ligament

Holl ligament

Hueck ligament

Humphry ligament

Hunter ligament

hyalocapsular ligament

hyoepiglottic ligament

hypsiloid ligament

iliofemoral ligament

iliolumbar ligament

iliopectineal ligament

iliotrochanteric ligament

inferior calcaneonavicular ligament

inferior ligament of epididymis

inferior pubic ligament

inferior transverse scapular ligament

infundibuloovarian ligament

infundibulopelvic ligament

inguinal ligament

inguinal ligament of the kidney

intercarpal ligaments

interclavicular ligament

interclinoid ligament

intercornual ligament

intercostal ligaments

intercuneiform ligaments

interfoveolar ligament

internal collateral ligament of the wrist

interosseous cuneocuboid ligament

interosseous cuneometatarsal ligaments

interosseous metacarpal ligaments

interosseous metatarsal ligaments

interosseous sacroiliac ligaments

interosseous talocalcaneal ligament

interosseous tibiofibular ligament

interspinous ligament

intertransverse ligament

intraarticular ligament of costal head

intraarticular ligament of head of rib

intraarticular sternocostal ligament

intracapsular ligaments

ischiocapsular ligament

ischiofemoral ligament

jugal ligament

Krause ligament

laciniate ligament

lacunar ligament

Lannelongue ligaments

lateral ligament of ankle

lateral arcuate ligament

lateral atlantooccipital ligament

lateral ligament of bladder

lateral collateral ligament of ankle

lateral costotransverse ligament

lateral ligament of elbow

lateral ligament of knee

lateral malleolar ligament

lateral ligament of malleus

lateral palpebral ligament

lateral puboprostatic ligament

lateral pubovesical ligament

lateral sacrococcygeal ligament

lateral talocalcaneal ligament

lateral temporomandibular ligament

lateral ligament of temporomandibular joint

lateral thyrohyoid ligament

lateral umbilical ligament

lateral ligament of wrist

Lauth ligament

ligament of left superior vena cava

left triangular ligament of liver

ligament of left vena cava

lenocolic ligament

lienophrenic ligament

lienorenal ligament

Lisfranc ligaments

Lockwood ligament

longitudinal ligaments

long plantar ligament

lumbocostal ligament

Luschka ligaments

Mackenrodt ligament

ligaments of malleus

Mauchart ligaments

Meckel ligament

medial ligament of ankle joint

medial arcuate ligament

medial canthal ligament

medial collateral ligament of elbow

medial ligament of knee

medial palpebral ligament

medial puboprostatic ligament

medial pubovesical ligament

medial talocalcaneal ligament

medial ligament of talocrural joint

medial ligament of temporomandibular joint

medial umbilical ligament

medial ligament of wrist

median arcuate ligament

median cricothyroid ligament

median thyrohyoid ligament

median umbilical ligament

meniscofemoral ligaments

metatarsal interosseous ligaments

middle costotransverse ligament

middle umbilical ligament

nuchal ligament

oblique ligament of elbow joint

oblique popliteal ligament

occipitoaxial ligaments

orbicular ligament

orbicular ligament of radius

ovarian ligament

ligament of ovary

palmar ligaments

palmar carpal ligament

palmar carpometacarpal ligaments

palmar ligaments of interphalangeal joints of hand

palmar metacarpal ligaments

palmar ligaments of metacarpophalangeal joints

palmar radiocarpal ligament

palmar ulnocarpal ligament

pancreaticocolic ligament

pancreaticosplenic ligament

patellar ligament

pectinate ligaments of iridocorneal angle

pectinate ligaments of iris

pectineal ligament

peridental ligament

periodontal ligament

phrenicocolic ligament

phrenicoesophageal ligament

phrenicolienal ligament

phrenicosplenic ligament

phrenogastric ligament

phrenosplenic ligament

pisohamate ligament

pisometacarpal ligament

pisounciform ligament

pisouncinate ligament

plantar ligaments

plantar calcaneocuboid ligament

plantar calcaneonavicular ligament

plantar cuboideonavicular ligaments

plantar cuneocuboid ligament

plantar cuneonavicular ligaments

plantar ligaments of interphalangeal joints of foot

plantar metatarsal ligaments

plantar ligaments of metatarsophalangeal joints

plantar tarsal ligaments

plantar tarsometatarsal ligaments

posterior costotransverse ligament

posterior cricoarytenoid ligament

posterior cruciate ligament

posterior ligament of fibular head

posterior ligament of head of fibula

posterior ligament of incus

posterior ligament of knee

posterior longitudinal ligament

posterior meniscofemoral ligament

posterior occipitoaxial ligament

posterior sacroiliac ligaments

posterior sacrosciatic ligament

posterior sternoclavicular ligament

posterior talocalcaneal ligament

posterior talofibular ligament

posterior talotibial ligament

posterior tibiofibular ligament

posterior tibiotalar ligament

Poupart ligament

proper ligament of ovary

pterygomandibular ligament

pterygospinal ligament

pterygospinous ligament

pubocapsular ligament

pubocervical ligament

pubofemoral ligament

puboprostatic ligament

pubovesical ligament (of female)

pubovesical ligament (of male)

pulmonary ligament

quadrate ligament

radial collateral ligament

radial collateral ligament of elbow joint

radial collateral ligament of wrist joint

radiate ligament

radiate carpal ligament

radiate ligament of head of rib

radiate sternocostal ligaments

radiate ligament of wrist

reflected inguinal ligament

reflex ligament

Retzius ligament

rhomboid ligament

right triangular ligament of liver

ring ligament

round ligament of elbow joint

round ligament of femur

round ligament of liver

round ligament of uterus

sacrodural ligament

sacrospinous ligament

sacrotuberous ligament

scrotal ligament of testis

serous ligament

sheath ligaments

Simonart ligaments

skin ligaments

Soemmerring ligament

sphenomandibular ligament

spinoglenoid ligament

spiral ligament of cochlea

spiral ligament of cochlear duct

splenicocolic ligament

splenorenal ligament

spring ligament

Stanley cervical ligaments

stellate ligament

sternoclavicular ligaments

sternopericardial ligaments

stylohyoid ligament

stylomandibular ligament

stylomaxillary ligament

superficial dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament

superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament

superficial transverse metacarpal ligament

superficial transverse metatarsal ligament

superior costotransverse ligament

superior ligament of epididymis

superior ligament of incus

superior ligament of malleus

superior pubic ligament

superior transverse scapular ligament

suprascapular ligament

supraspinous ligament

suspensory ligament of axilla

suspensory ligaments of breast

suspensory ligament of clitoris

suspensory ligaments of Cooper

suspensory ligament of duodenum

suspensory ligament of esophagus

suspensory ligament of eyeball

suspensory ligament of gonad

suspensory ligament of lens

suspensory ligament of ovary

suspensory ligament of penis

suspensory ligament of testis

suspensory ligament of thyroid gland

sutural ligament

synovial ligament

talocalcaneal ligament

talocalcaneal interosseous ligament

talonavicular ligament

tarsal ligaments

tarsal interosseous ligaments

tarsometatarsal ligaments

temporomandibular ligament

Teutleben ligament

Thompson ligament

thyroepiglottic ligament

tibial collateral ligament

tibial collateral ligament of ankle joint

tibiocalcaneal ligament

tibiofibular ligament

tibionavicular ligament

transverse acetabular ligament

transverse ligament of acetabulum

transverse atlantal ligament

transverse ligament of the atlas

transverse carpal ligament

transverse cervical ligament

transverse crural ligament

transverse ligament of elbow

transverse genicular ligament

transverse humeral ligament

transverse ligament of knee

transverse ligament of leg

transverse metacarpal ligament

transverse metatarsal ligament

transverse ligament of pelvis

transverse perineal ligament

transverse ligament of perineum

transverse tibiofibular ligament

transverse ligaments of vertebral column

trapezoid ligament

Treitz ligament

triangular ligament

triangular ligaments of liver

ulnar collateral ligament

ulnar collateral ligament of elbow joint

ulnar collateral ligament of wrist joint

urachal ligament

uterovesical ligament

Valsalva ligaments

venous ligament

ventral sacrococcygeal ligament

ventral sacroiliac ligaments

ventricular ligament

vertebropelvic ligaments

vesicoumbilical ligament

vesicouterine ligament

vestibular ligament

vocal ligament

volar carpal ligament

Weitbrecht ligament

Winslow ligament

Wrisberg ligament

yellow ligament

Y-shaped ligament

Zaglas ligament

Zinn ligament

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