What is depression?

Depression is a mental state where you feel depressed and to depress that depression you may cross your limit to end this depression which in turn would make you feel more depressed and more over make your family members too feel depressed thus depression leading to depression and your life becomes depressed again. The best way to treat depression is not to feel depressed even though you are depressed instead make your mind wander the other way and start thinking positive and start thinking about things that you like in your life rather than thinking more about the things that you dont like this makes your mind less depressed and makes you enjoy the life depression free. For getting treatment of your depression you may go to a psychiatrist and he may give you some anti-depressants, but still if your social network comes to know that you are depressed went to a psychiatrist will start making joke of you and again may lead you to depression and again this will lead you to the psychiatrist. So, conclusion of this story is to have more fun in less time to tackle the case of depression and focus more towards positive and joyful moments of your life rather than thinking more about depression.

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