Aniseed Health Benefits

Aniseed (pimpinella anisum):


The origin of the aniseed determines its chemical composition.  The ranges of values are:  Moisture 9-13 percent, protein 18 percent, fatty oil 8-23 percent, essential oil 2-7 percent, sugar 3.5 percent, starch 5 percent, crude fiber 12-25 percent and ash 6-10 percent.  it also contains Choline.

Aniseed yields 2 to 3.5% of an essential oil which resembles Star-Anise.  This is a colorless or pale-yellow liquid, with the characteristic odor and taste of the fruit.  this oil has now replaced the fruits for medicinal and flavoring purposes.

The chief constituent of aniseed oil is anethole, which is present to the extent of 80-90 percent, and is mainly responsible for the characteristic flavor of the oil and its sweet aromatic taste.  The oil also contains methyl, chavicol, p-methoxyphenyl acetone, and small amounts of terpenes and sulphur compounds of disagreeable odor.  the anise spice cultivated in india yield the same constituents on distillation as the other varieties and are in no way inferior.  both the Anise oil and Star anise oil have been made official and can therefore, be used freely in medicine.