Aches and Pains

Onion for Aches and Pain

Onion possesses pain killing property.  It is beneficial in the treatment of pain in the eye.  The juice of onion and honey should be mixed in equal quantity and stored in a bottle.  This mixture should be applied to the eyees by means of an eye-rod.  It will provide relief in a short time.

Onion is a valuable medicine for suppression pain resulting from piles.  Occasionally, blind piles swell up and cause toturous pain to the patient.  It becomes extremely difficult for the patient to even sit.   Fo treating this condition, two onions should be half-baked by burying them in live ash.  They should then be thoroughly pounded in to a paste after removing their outer covering.   This paste should be friend in ghee and a tablet prepapred from it.  This tablet should be placed over the piles while hot.  It should be retained there in position by applying a suitable dressing.

The patient will fecomfort immediately after this application.  The patient suffering from piles should daily eat onion and caraway seeds, fried in ghee, with sugar candy.  A compress made of the pulp of roasted onions should also be applied over the inflamed and protuding piles.  an ointment made of onion, turmeric and indian hemp in hot sesame oil also makes an effective application over pile masses

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