Certain food items, fruits, drinks, spices, condiments, weather changes, water pollution can be controlled without much extra effort, though air pollution is difficult to control.  Prevention and precaution are the best forms of defense   Since air pollution cannot be controlled, you can take preventive measures such as wearing cloth mask for respiratory tract protection, binoculars for eyes and skin protection.

Similarly, you can use your window to grow flowers and creepers so as to let in oxygen and let out poisonous elements/gases.  To free your house from germs, you can burn the herbs and spices for that purpose.  Always ash the vegetables and fruits before consuming them.

It is a misplaced notion to preach that able-bodied persons need not undertake any exercise, either indoor or outdoor.  If health is in order, exercise must be undertaken regularly - as regularly as you take your meals.  Your life pattern must be guided by following imperatives viz:

1.  Regularity in food habits, timing for proper rest.
2.  Performing daily choes, including your official work, punctually.
3.  Physical activity in any form, but it must be regular and sustainable, within the ambit of your physical capacity/endurance.
4.  Fixed hours of sleep, rest, relaxation, prayers, meditation, and self-introspection.

If you are able to strike a perfect balance between food, work and relaxation, you are not likely to encounter any major health problems.

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