Fatigue and Tiredness

Fatigue has both a mental and a physical component. Physical fatigue shows up as a weakness in the muscles that makes it harder for you to do everyday activities. In contrast, mental fatigue makes it harder for you to concentrate and maintain focus. The causes of fatigue are usually obvious. Partying till 3 a.m., doing 12 hour days at work, then taking the kids out is bound to have an effect on everyone. You will be tired. However, fatigue cannot always be caused by the hectic lifestyles many men and women lead today. Fatigue may be caused by such conditions as stress, sleep apnoea, anaemia, thyroid disease, depression, and side effects of medication. Anyone suffering long term fatigue should see their doctor to see if any of these are the reasons for their condition. Long term untreated fatigue may result in the sufferer being predisposed to 'chronic fatigue syndrome'.

Fatigue is usually a temporary situation brought on by overdoing it on a particular day or group of days, and it can be lessened or avoided altogether by using some of the simple measures mentioned below. However, persistent tiredness can also be more a long-term thing and lead to problems with your ability to function on day-to-day basis. Good lifestyle choices — including a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep management — should eliminate long-term tiredness.