Sexual impotence and Onion

Onion for Sexual Impotence

Onions have been attributed aphrodisiac properties since prehistoric times.  They have been hailed as more than foods in the Egyptian, Greek, roman, Arab, and chinese literature.  Onions were considered so ptent that in olden times celibate Egyptian priests were prohibited from eating them.  This vegetable is believed to increase libido and strengthen the reproductive organ.  In France, newly-weds were fed onion soup in the morning after their wedding night to restore their libido.

A syrup made from onion and honey has been found very effective in restoring sexual power.  This syrup is prepared by mixing 30 g of onion juice with 60 g of honey and placing it on fire.  It should be taken off the fire when it obtains the consistency of syrup.  A person may take even double the dose, if it suits him.  It reddens the face within a few days and is one of the best aphrodisiac foods.

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