FLASH Chapter 2



The timeline is the section of flash that enables you to organize all of the elements that make up your movie and see what is placed at certain points throughout your publication.  The Timeline organizes items such as scenes, layers and frames and it is also used to create animated effects.  Of all of the elements of Flash, the Timeline is probably the most important and also the most complicated for the novice as there is no equivalent n other software packages.

The Stage:

The stage is the area where the content for a Flash movie is placed.  This can be done by drawing objects directly onto the stage, dragging them from the Flash library or importing them from other applications.  At any given frame in a Flash movie, the contents for that frame are displayed on the stage.  So the contents of frame 1 could look very different from the contents of frame 20 in a movie.  The grey area around the stage is known as the Work Area and this can be used to place animated objects that appear or disappear from the edge of the stage.  Only items that are visible within the Stage area will appear in the final movie.