Make money blogging

Want to make money by blogging???

One of the most popular way of making money is through blogging, but many of us wonder where to start from, whether it would be a success or a failure, whether I will lose my money just giving a trial for developing a blog site which costs money.

Making money from blogging is a bit difficult if you don't have original content, or you don't have enough content to keep the readers engaged and if you do not have enough to offer or something new to offer to your readers.

Blogspot is platform from google for bloggers, and this is the best place to start from.  It is free of cost and google pays you if you generate enough traffic through your blogs.

As I said making money through blogging is difficult at the starting as you would not have enough traffic to your blog, nor you would be having enough content to attract more and more readers, but on the long run it has the capability of generating good income.  But to generate income from blogging, you need to be well disciplined.  The more the original contents you are able to add, the more it will rise up in google ranking and more traffic will come to your site, which will in turn convert in more money.  Once you create a blog through blogspot, you would have to also incorporate adsense in order to generate money through adds.

Yes adsense if incorporated in to your blog, the number of clicks that your blog receives on the adds, it will convert in to money.

Few points to remember while blogging:

1.  You should have good knowledge or passion about the niche that you are planning to blog about, so it would be more easy for you generate original contents for your blog, or else you would end up copying content from internet, which google would not encouraged and may penalize your blog by raking your blog low.

2. You should keep on adding new contents on a regular basis either daily or at least weekly once, this will keep your readers engaged and will help gaining rank in google search.

3.  Try to include some pictures or images to every blog so that your blog is displayed even on image search of google and you will get more traffic to your blog.



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