Online Money - 10 capcha entry sites

Capcha Entry jobs are the easiest way to make money online, which is easy to enter.  If you have good typing speed, you can earn more money.  People earn 100$ to 200$ per month by entering  simple capcha codes.  Most of these sites pay around 0.35$ to 1$ per 1000 entries, though accuracy is very much needed or else they may ban you if continuously keep making mistakes or if you use softwares to do the entry work.


l.   Kolotibablo.


2. MegaTypers

3. CaptchaTypers


4. ProTypers


5. Captcha2Cash  


6. 2Captcha


7. Qlinkgroup


8. VirtualBee  


9. FastTypers


10. PixProfit

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