Narendra Modi's Demonitization "India emerging as New Superpower"

Narendra Modi is being praised all over the world for his courage and vision.  India got Independence in 1947 and now it has been 69 years of Independence and we had 14 Prime Ministers in these 69 years of Independence and Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India showed the courage to curb the black money on such a wide scale.  Our prime minister today needs support of common man to Make India SuperPower.

It is true today common people are standing in line to get cash and no industrialist or politician can be found near the ATM or bank, but I am sure in few days when then lines in banks are over, then common man will be having peaceful sleep and all these people with black money will be in line in the IT departments.  It takes a common man to own a house 20 years of hard working and the rich people owns more than one luxury house around the country which they hardly use to reside in.  Today we common people should support Narendra Modi in his mission of Making India a better place where both common man and rich people are treated equally.  Today common people is paying more tax than others, they are paying tax on their income, they are paying tax on petrol, they are paying tax for each and everything they buy.  If all the black money is curbed by our government then common man no need to pay so much of taxes and more facilities can be provided by the government to the common man.

Please support Narendra Modi, he is working very hard to make India become a Superpower.  He has risked even his position as a Prime Minister with this move where all political parties are against him, he is getting threats from terrorists too.  We should praise his courage.

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